jQuery – TypeError: post data is null – Fix

jQuery – TypeError: post data is null – Fix

If you ever come across a jquery error that says: TypeError: postdata is null, that just means about what it says, no data has been posted and jquery is not able to determine which data to deal with when you make a call to $.post() or $.ajax() functions

the way to fix that you need to check that data parameter, whether there are some manual variables you defined in your script or you’re serializing a form out there, check if the the id of the form is right and if the html markup is correct.

That’s about it! just another quick tip for those who probably came across this error especially if you were a jQuery fan than chances that you’ve seen such an issue are pretty high, so that’s how to fix it, if you have any questions please drop me a line in the comment box, like and share if you found this article to be useful, thanks!

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    Keep on working, great job!

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